Choose the best fish tank heaters for your fish

You went to an aquarium shop to buy a fish and found the salesman urging you to buy the best fish tank heaters from their store along with the aquarium. Now, some might be confused when they hear that. So, yes you heard it right since fishes cannot regulate their body temperature, fish tank heaters are often used to heat the temperature of the water; especially in cold places.

But with so many types of heaters available in the market, one might get confused as to which ones are the best fish tank heaters that they should buy for their fish tank. Therefore, the following are the 5 main types of fish tank heater and after giving a thorough read, you can select one or two of them for your fish tank depending on its wattage and the size of your aquarium. best fish tank heaters

Immersible heater

Immersible heater, also known as a hanging heater, is the most common heater that is used for freshwater tanks. It is placed near the inlet of the filter and heats the water when it comes into the tank. It is required that a hole is made in the hood of the tank so that the heating element, which is generally covered in glass, can be immersed inside the water to heat it. The top of this heater hangs at the top of the tank. Though this heater is not recommended for saltwater or brackish setups and is less efficient, it does the required basic heating.

Submersible heater

This heater sits in the water and the heating element has a coiled covering and is encased with glass or sturdy plastic tube. It is, therefore, really efficient as, unlike glass that can break if overheated, the plastic tube rarely gets damaged. The LED light present near the top of the heater turns on when the heater is working and hence, this device provides a more stable temperature for your fish tank.

Substrate heater

Substrate heater is generally used in addition to some other heater. This heater comes in the form of wires that are fixed at the base of the aquarium. By providing gentle movement of water, they stimulate the growth of the roots. Though, they are a bit expensive and are rarely used nowadays.

In-line heater

This heater is fixed and is fitted between the sump and the filter so that it heats up the water when it enters the tank. It is a good idea to buy this external heater if you have large aggressive fishes which can break the equipment if kept inside the tank. Though, this heater also has certain drawbacks. One is the cost which is very high compared to other heaters and the other is that there is a possibility of leakage from the tank due to the device being fitted outside the tank.

Filter heater

Some filters have an inbuilt heating system where the water gets heated when it is entering the tank. By buying this heater, you can do both filtering and heating of the water for your tank which would cost you much less.

It is easy to go to a store and buy the fish but the difficult part comes in when you have to take care of it. Making sure that the fish tank is clean and using the best fish tank heaters should be your top priority. After you have chosen the type of the heater that you want for your fish tank, you can choose from the various leading brands of these heaters and ensure the safety of your fishes.

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