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Hammocks are basically sleeping bags hanging in the air, which are definitely a refreshing change from the traditional camping tents and sleeping pads. They are less dangerous, comfortable as well as safe if you know how to choose and purchase the right one. These sleeping bags are known to be quite expensive and going for a reasonable option is not considered to be the right. However, the wise owl has introduced hammocks that are inexpensive as well as strong and of high quality. The wise owl has a number of different hammocks, each being of high quality but if you want to seriously purchase a good hammock for an upcoming camping excursion then making a choice can be a difficult task.

Factors to consider for choosing a hammockwise owl hammock

Whether you choose a wise owl hammock or any other hammock, there are certain factors that should be considered while purchasing one.

  • The size- There are single and double hammocks, so one needs to keep the comfortability factor in mind while making a choice. A lot of people go for double only for comfort and not necessarily sharing it with someone.
  • The purpose- If you are going backpacking, then consider the weight of the hammock as it is the most important thing; but if camping is the purpose then durability is what matters.
  • The accessories- The hammocks come with a suspension system in order to set it up; it also has an underquilt to fight the cold and a net to deal with bugs. Make sure that you check all the accessories well before purchasing a hammock.
  • The hammock length- The length and width of hammocks vary. So while buying a hammock for camping or backpacking make sure that you buy one that is at least 2 feet taller than your original height. Buying a 2 feet longer hammock makes it comfortable for everyone.

Tips for setting up a hammock

As important it is to buy the right hammock it is also important to set up the hammock in the right manner. Here are a few tips that can help and guide you in hammock setup.

  • A 30-degree angle- Aim for a 30-degree angle, so that your back doesn’t sag and feels uncomfortable. In case you cannot achieve a 30 degree, then you can go a little steeper but not too much.
  • Sleep at the correct angle- Sleeping in the right position is important. The back should bend a little with the body angle at 10-15 degrees from the centre.
  • Be prepared for the cold- Hammocks hang in the middle of the air, which is why a large surface is exposed to the cold weather, making the hammock quite cold. Make sure that you have a warm sleeping bag along with a good quality underquilt to keep your body warm.

Well hammocks are necessary for the campers and hikers, and if you are confused about buying the right one then wise owl hammock is a great option; in case you are looking for something that is lightweight as well as inexpensive at the same time.

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